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S&S Cam Plate and Oil Pump for 2007-2017 Twin Cams

S&S Cam Plate and Oil Pump for 2007-2017 Twin Cams

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The S&S® TC3 oil pump and cam support plate are highly recommended for any cam installation, but they are a must if your engine has suffered even a minor problem that created metallic particles or debris. It's pretty easy to see if your oil pump has been chewed up by junk going through it, but it's pretty hard to know if there's still some of that stuff hiding in the oil passages of your cam support plate! Don't gamble with your engine! You should replace them with S&S®. Here's why:Precision CNC machined forged aluminum. Increased structural strength. Dimensional stability. Freedom from internal porosity. Made In The USA. 

Features & Benefits

  • Three stage oil pump for consistent pressure and reliable scavenging
  • Separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest 
  • Screens and magnetic traps help protect the scavenge rotors from debris
  • Increased oil pressure on supply as well as scavenge side 
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum cam plate
  • Adjustable oil pressure regulator – adjust without removing plate from engine
  • Passage plugs are removable for service
  • Replaces OEM part #25282-11 and  #25284-11
  • Made In The USA
  • 0932-0111
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