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American Suspension

American Suspension P-49 Ram Air System - Rear Only

American Suspension P-49 Ram Air System - Rear Only

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Includes a pair of P-49 Supreme ride shocks along with a complete AR-17 Front Air Ride System.  This is the Cadillac of Air ride systems, utilizing the patented Strategic Air Command Module to control the Ram Air System. Pump, switches,  and mounting hardware with complete PLUG & PLAY wiring harness for Front Air Pistons and rear air shock Everyone who rides this set up says it’s a vast improvement even over the 2018 suspension.  (If you already have American Suspension trees, you wont need Air fork caps.)


American Suspension® is introducing an amazing improvement for Harley Touring bikes. The Strategic Air Command ™ system instantly gives your motorcycle a great air ride. Everybody knows the problems caused by car shocks and Air Bags hooked to electric solenoids. The revolutionary Strategic Air Command ™ system eliminates all those problems forever. Compare any other air shock to the patent pending American Suspension® Strategic Air Command ™. You will never ride anything else.
P-49™ air shock combines the precision road holding of a racing shock with the butter soft ride of luxury. The amazing P-49™ uses adaptive control valving ™combined with user adjustable Strategic Air Command Module™. RAM AIR™ is the Air ride system you have been waiting for. Compare the American Suspension RAM AIR™ to any other air system and you will see the remarkable ease of use offered with RAM AIR™. RAM AIR™ is plug and play like no other. Instead of littering components about the bike, the American Suspension® RAM AIR ™ incorporates everything into a single chunk of Made in the USA Billet 6061-T6. You just attach two bolts and plug everything in – and you are done. As simple as the RAM AIR ™ is to install, the inner working of the P-49 are highly complex. Multiple valving circuits seamlessly transition the ride from a bumpy back road to gliding down a smooth slab. The entire billet suspension unit is coated in our proprietary MOS2X™ coating. This miracle coating all but eliminates friction and provides a magic ride. Unlike our competitors the AMERICAN SUSPENSION P-49 is machined from aerospace materials right here in the USA. If you love to ride your bike, ride American Suspension.


The Strategic Air Command System™
P-49™ Thunderbolt Air Shock
AR-70™ Fork Air Ride
Ram Air™ Air pump with easy on billet mount
Plug and play 10 minute wiring™ harness
Available without front piston kit if you already have front air ride
Shocks available separately also
Call for custom options or more info....

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