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Koso Digital Speedo D2 2014-2023 Baggers

Koso Digital Speedo D2 2014-2023 Baggers

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Equipped with an 8-color changeable LCD display, the new plug and play D2 meter for Baggers features a tach and speedo combo with a programmable shift light and includes a gear indicator for easily seeing what gear you’re in.

This gauge also features vital readings such as engine temperature, battery voltage, tire pressure and a complete system of indicator lights to monitor your bike’s vital signs. This gauge will fit directly into the stock harness and works directly with your bike’s CANBUS system.

** Depending on your riser setup you may need the following H-D parts:  70900822, 8679 (qty 4) **

If you are using the Koso D2 Bagger gauge on risers over 9" we recommend utilizing our extension harness to be able to keep your wiring clean during install. The harness can be purchased HERE. 

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