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Feuling OE+ Cam Plate & Oil Pump

Feuling OE+ Cam Plate & Oil Pump

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FEULING OE+ oil pump and camplate kits are an upgrade to the stock oiling system, delivering increased oil pressure and return scavenge volumes from an OE+ billet oil pump and matched OE+ billet camplate. The OE+ billet camplates have increased rigidity and are machined to tighter tolerances compared to stock. The OE+ camplate pressure relief valve and spring are seated and pre-set with a 50-60 psi pop off.

The competitively priced OE+ product line is an upgraded alternative to stock and as with all FEULING products, the OE+ engine components are designed and manufactured to the highest standard of quality with proven FEULING performance.

The OE+ oil pumps assemble without O-rings on the pump housings, similar to the Factory and SE oil pumps.
#7084² 07-15 + 06 Dyna Models OE + Series - Gear or Chain (Part #s: 7030, 8033)
² Gear drive cams require block off plates see Feuling #8016


TC 07-17 Including 06 Dyna, Gear or Chain Drive, Includes #7030 oil pump and #8033 camplate


7030, 8033

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