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American Suspension

American Suspension Cheater Tree Nacelle Mount with Key Switch Mount

American Suspension Cheater Tree Nacelle Mount with Key Switch Mount

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Cheater Trees™ are your UNFAIR ADVANTAGE.  Quicker steering, better handling, higher speeds in and out of corner. This is like power steering for your bagger. Patent Pending set up. American Suspension leads the way since 1997. Always made in the USA.

We all know that your touring bike has terrible geometry for handling.  The bike has way too much weight on the rear and not enough on the front wheel.  You have to raise the bike up to get ground clearance.  Raise the bike up and the front wheel moves further away. Then the front wheel always feels nervous.

The American Suspension Cheater tree fixes all that.  The American Suspension Cheater tree corrects your geometry, and puts more weight on the front end.  Plus, it comes with adjustable eccentrics.

Back in the day production-based race bikes came with "lazy" steering geometry not suited for quick corner transitions. Some teams would "cheat" and bend the neck back one or two degrees, to gain an advantage. Well 40 years later we are still hot-rodding production bikes, but rather than bend your frame - just install these cheater trees.  The team at American Suspension has been racing motorcycles since the 70s.  We have seen bikes come and go.  We pass that wisdom on to the next level of riders.  So they can KILL THE COMPETITION.

We include options to fit a nacelle and also have a key mount.

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