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American Suspension

American Suspension 49mm MACH7R Fully Adjustable Cartridge and Fork Leg combo

American Suspension 49mm MACH7R Fully Adjustable Cartridge and Fork Leg combo

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Mach 7R Advantages

A great looking fork leg that gives you a fully adjustable race cartridge, to improve handling and style.  Tune your bike to your style, don’t get stuck with a cartridge setting someone else likes.

 • Fork Leg and Fully Adjustable Cartridge combo

• External Adjustable

            -High Speed Compression

            -Low Speed Compression

            -High Speed Rebound

            -Low Speed Rebound

• Full Adjustment easily accessible even with nacelle and fairing in place. 

• Direct 49mm Replacement, fits stock trees, fork tube, fender and brakes.

• Fits Stock Trees.

• Fits Stock Wheels.

• Patent Pending Design

• Easy bolt on installation 

• Outperforms ordinary cartridge

The Mach 7R has so much adjustability it should be on a race bike. Why do you need so much adjustability in a fork leg?  I learned a great lesson about 30 years ago.  I was tunning race bikes for a living back then.  I had two top riders on two identical bikes.  Nearly identical bikes, they both had completely different suspension settings.  I knew both riders very well, we would walk the track and plan every turn and what we wanted the bike to do.  Both riders were top riders in their day and both went on to get world class factory rides and win major national championships.  We were at a racetrack where they both had nearly identical lap times.

I was of the opinion that there must be one perfect set up for the bike.  That one riders set up is perfect and the other rider is so good they are compensation for a bad set up.  Most suspension tuners then would tell you they know the perfect set up for you.

So, I did the logical thing.  I swapped their set ups.  I figured the one rider with a good set up would be upset, but the rider that had the wrong set up would be thrilled and go at least a ½ second a lap faster. I would then give both riders the “good” set up.  I would then know the perfect suspension set up for this particular track.

The riders went out on first practice in the morning with swapped set ups.  The first rider came in and said his bike was terrible.  OK I thought, the other rider will be thrilled at how good his bike now works.  But he came bike and was furious with his bikes handling as well.  How could that be?  I swapped the settings back; everyone was happy in the second practice.  I the race my two riders swapped the lead at least twice – EVERY LAP.  It was a hell of a race.  They were never more than a few inches apart and the race came down to the last turn of the last lap.  The rider behind drafted past the leading  rider on the exit of the last turn and they were within inches across the finish line.

The moral of the story?  Every rider has their own style.  Even the fastest of professional riders on otherwise identical bikes may require completely different set ups.  These guys were very similar weight and build, yet they prefeed completely different set ups.  If someone tells you don’t worry-this will work best for you, don’t believe it.  Set it up for you and your style.  Use the adjustability of the Mach 7R to get the bike to work right for YOU. 

• Better than Inverted performance  

Made in USA

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